More of the action of the eryi

Jobeno and the Pokemon Challenge continue! Murder them trainers and their ‘mon!


He just keeps playing!

April Fool’s Day kind of backfires as Capital M gets Grenn Balze to play Eryi’s Action, a terribly frustrating side scroller… And he loves it!

Well… it ends here…

I’m Magikarp

Pokemon Rumble U continues! In this episode we MURDER MORE TOYS!!!!

Pokemon Defined

Pokemon (poe-kay-mon)

(noun) Poketto Monsutā

1. Pocket Monsters.

2. Collectible monsters used for battling.

3. The biggest damned franchise since Super Mario Bros.

We have to start somewhere, why not at the beginning? Created by Satoshi Tajiri, and published by Nintendo, the Pokemon franchise came from a modest start. As a child, creator Satoshi Tajiri had a passion for bug collecting. Later in life, while writing for his own gaming newsletter, Satoshi became interested in the portability and function of the Game Boy hand-held system. Having worked with Nintendo before, he and partner Ken Sugimori, pitched the concept of catching creatures to raise, train, and trade on the Game Boy console. Eventually Nintendo approved and gave Satoshi the opportunity he needed. Development started in 1990, and the years of work saw many changes come and go within the game. Released in Japan in 1996, and stateside in 1998, the dual cartridge release (Red and Green in Japan; Red and Blue in North America) found many people attempting to capture them all.

Why do we like the games so much? At their core, they’re the most basic of RPGs. You battle for experience, level-up, and learn new fighting moves in an attempt to become the best pokemon trainer in the world. The game uses a basic rock-paper-scissor style type system in order to offset weaknesses and strengths, allowing the player to come up with a useful strategy when building a team. The team consists of up to six of the hundreds of monsters in the game, and here’s a huge plus: who’s on the team is solely up to you. If you can catch it, you can train it. Complete customization of your roster is the kind of thing most RPG fans pray for. There’s no silent protagonist with crazy, spikey hair that has to lead the party. There’s no obnoxious blonde that needs to be in the group for a dungeon. You pick your six; you call the shots.

It may be a basic RPG, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an entire layer of depth to the game. There are a plethora of advanced notions you need to be aware of if you’re planning on battling other players. There are base stat values, effort values, natures, special abilities, and inherited moves that come from breeding your monsters. All of this just adds to the strategizing.

It has to be said: The Pokemon franchise is one of the most fun game series of all time. Join us here at GC while we celebrate and commemorate the Pokemon craze!

(Originally posted during the first PokeMarch in 2011)

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